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Project Description


Industry leading waste removal company, Biffa wanted to shine light on their interceptor waste management service, one of their specialist treatments aimed at businesses. As an educational tool for current and future customers, the animation had to be easy to understand whilst showcasing Biffa’s minimalistic and modern personality. 

How we made it


We based the majority of the paper elements on Biffa’s own iconography. The additional elements such as the phone, tablet and map, all follow the same design to achieve a cohesive look. The whole animation is one long sequence, each motion morphing into the next one. This was one of the biggest challenge when coming up with the storyboard as every element was connected. To showcase that the interceptor is underground, we’ve cut out the middle of our table and placed the paper equivalent in the hole. Then used wooden beads, painted to different colours, each representing a type of liquid waste/water and animated those to show what’s happening in the interceptor and why is this service essential. 

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