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Silver Spoon 

Project Description


Half Spoon, a mix of granulated sugar and sweetener, targets people who want to enjoy the sweet taste of their drinks and bakes, but looking to cut back on the calories. The prompt from The Wild agency was to showcase that people need to use half a teaspoon to have the same result as with one teaspoon of regular sugar. 

The tagline, "100% of the joy, 50% of the calories" come in play in motion graphic form to add even more character to the stop motion videos. 

How we made it


To keep everything looking uniform, we opted for the colours already present on the packaging. To play with the split colour ways, we used the same idea for the backgrounds. The props were kept to neutral colour such as white. To emphasise the "half spoon" message, we animated a spoon going into drinks, porridge or simply appearing next to the product. The added sound effects and digital animation added just the right amount of character, whilst delivering the clear brand message. 

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