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Professional Stop Motion Animation -
Sand Visuals Stop Motion Studio

Looking for a professional stop motion animation studio that can create an engaging animation for your audience? Sand Visuals is your one-stop shop for professional stop motion animation. Check out our work!

SAND visuals is a digital production studio based in England specializing in stop-motion animation and brand photography. We make stories come to life through visual creative processes that capture people’s attention and perform well. With years of experience, we transform the vision of passion projects and major brands into unique visual stories. 

Our team is made up of artistic creators, animators, and storytellers who have produced world-class digital content and animations using the latest technology. We believe that your product deserves to be known all around the world and with our stop motion animation services, we can help you achieve that. 

Sand Visuals Stop Motion Studio - Who We Are?

What to Expect from a Stop Motion Animation Company?

Before anything else, you might ask: why should you choose stop motion animation for your products?

Stop motion animation is a unique storytelling method. It is different, engaging, interesting, and unforgettable if done right. There are several reasons why you should consider stop motion as your promotional material:

It’s unique. Stop motion animation uses a different yet interesting way to promote your products. With objects appearing to move by themselves, it can deliver a message with a fun and charming twist.

instagram stop mo.PNG

It’s informative. Whether you are launching a new product, looking for seasonal content or working on an educational piece, stop motion is a great visual tool to showcase your brand. Through demonstration, it’s easier for your audience to understand how your product works. The product’s features and ingredients can also easily be shown through stop motion. 

It's up to date. With social media platforms pushing for more video content, stop motions keep up with the ever changing world of social platforms and algorithms. 

It’s witty & engaging. There’s something about stop motion animations that just catches the interest of many viewers. It looks livelier and knowing that each frame is handcrafted, gives a more personal touch that the viewers can relate to.

It’s short and sweet. With people’s attention span getting shorter and shorter, stop motion is the perfect medium for getting your brand’s message across while keeping things light and fun.

As a stop motion animation studio, we at SAND visuals give what our clients need and more. 


From the start of the creation process, we work hand-in-hand with our clients so we can fully understand their needs and vision. 

We highly value this vision since this serves as the foundation of every project we create. 

From conceptualization to the final result, we listen to our client’s feedback so that the animation resonates with this vision. 

As our client, you can only expect the best quality service from us whether we create the whole campaign from scratch or if we are just contributing to it. 


Watch our sample stop motion animations and see for yourself how we bring magic to your screens.

How We Do Stop Motion Animation?

At SAND visuals, we value your ideas. We are very hands-on with all of our projects from start to finish. First, we listen to what our clients want and we begin to conceptualize how to bring out the uniqueness of their product or brand. Working closely together with the client allows us to understand better what they want to achieve and get necessary feedback throughout the whole production process. 


Brainstorming is a crucial part of the creation process as this is the step where the client and our team throw out ideas to create the perfect animation. This is the pre-production process where we discuss the animation’s concept, design, and storyline. We also need to know the client’s target audience to craft an animation that will suit their audience’s taste. 


When we have a clear concept, we move on to the development of the design and execution of the animation. Using stop motion animation is a great way to promote the product and its features. The challenge is how we can put it in motion. The SAND visuals team consistently consults with the client in regards to how they want their product to be presented. The animating process only happens when the client and our team are both happy with the pre-production stage. This includes the props, background, and scenes for the animation.   


Stop motion animation can be quite a time-consuming process which is why we lay down a schedule for the production process depending on how long a client will need. This gives our team a clear view of our goals for each step and the time to consult the client for any changes they think necessary. 


When the pre-production has been approved, we start setting up our studio for the start of production. The client may oversee the actual process or we can send sample still frames for approval. Once we get the green light, we start the animation stage. The duration for this stage depends on how complicated the shots are, the movements of the set and cameras, and the amount of rigging needed to complete the shots. 


We mainly use the software called Dragonframe when shooting our frames. This is a powerful tool that was specifically designed for stop motion animation and has been used on the set of stop-motion films like Shaun the sheep, Kubo, Isle of dogs and many more. 


Here at SAND visuals we always aim to use the equipment and tools necessary for stop motion animation to give you quality results.

The photo shoot itself is a time-consuming process where we take 10-15 photos for every second of your stop motion animation. 


Post-production is the last step in producing a stop motion animation. This is where we put the final touches on the video to make it pop. Adding effects or music as well as color grading helps with making your product look the best it can be.

How Much Does Stop Motion Cost?

People might think that we base the pricing of a stop motion animation on its total video length. However, the cost of producing it depends on a lot of other factors too. Stop motion animation is a time-consuming process right from its conception which is why our rate varies depending on the following factors:

  • Video length

  • The complexity of the story

  • Pre-production processes 

  • Equipment used

  • Usage and removal of rigs and armatures

  • Post-production processes such as retouching, added motion graphics, text, music and sound effects

While stop motion animation can be more complicated to produce than a regular video it offers more flexibility. So no matter what your budget is, we always try to make sure that the end product will exceed your expectations. You, the client only deserve the best for your product and brand.

If you’d like to talk to our team about the potential cost of your project please contact us at

What Do the Best Stop Motion Studios Provide?

The best stop motion studios understand their clients’ ideas and turn them into magical content. 


If you’re looking for a stop motion studio that offers fresh and engaging content, SAND visuals is one of your best options. We provide our clients with a fresh take that is not only eye-catching but also engaging to the audience. Our aim is to showcase your product or brand and connect with your viewers. An effective stop motion animation means you are able to capture the attention and interest of the people who are seeing your product or brand. 


For each handcrafted frame, SAND visuals brings your idea to life. With our team of talented and passionate creatives, we can make your product or service stand out. 


If you have a story that you want us to tell or have questions regarding our stop motion animation services, don’t hesitate to contact us at


We’ll gladly answer your inquiries and show you how we can build your brand and captivate your audience with our unique and fun storytelling.  

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