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Project Description


Spacemade, a collection of curated locations for co-working and more, got in touch with us with the task that they want to showcase their different memberships with stop motion animation. We have travelled to London and Leeds to film a private office and a meeting room and created 3 table top style videos in studio, that represented their day pass, hot desk and fixed desk option. 

How we made it


For the videos we shot on location, we used Spacemade's beautifully designed spaces, along with their props. For the studio shoot, we went with an ever changing desk set up. All videos are looped, so they can be played over and over again without any interruption. For the "Hot Desk" membership, we wanted to create the feel of changing the desk you are sitting at every day, so we changed the backgrounds mid-animation. In Dragonframe, the software we work with, we marked the spot of the laptop and kept it in one position whilst removing the paper background underneath little by little, resulting in a smooth movement. 

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