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Furniture Village
with Homes & Gardens and Ideal Home


Project Description

As part of an advertising package with Furniture Village, the editorial teams at Homes & Gardens and Ideal Home reached out to us with a request for two big scale stop motions, featuring a bedroom and a living room. 

Both assets were destined for social media ads across all channels. 

How we made it


This was our first project where we had to build a proper set. Walls were built, assembled, sanded then painted by our skilled team. To make the transition between the two sets seamless and as time efficient as possible, we built the wall for the living room in a straight line and then built the bedroom set in front of it. As always, we shot the sequences backwards to ensure the styling and art direction were spot on. We smashed this production in just 6 days, including building the set from scratch. Yuuusss! 

Fun fact: The set for the living room was 3.6m high and 7.2m wide. 

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