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Project Description


Ryan and the Neat team wanted to create a bunch of animated ads, a brand video with strong storytelling and visuals that pop. A piece that not only educates potential customers on how to use the product, but also communicated Neat's brand values loud and clear. We ended up creating one main brand asset, 5 short stop motion ads, 2 GIFs and a bank of product packshots. All optimised for websites, social media, email marketing and everything beyond. 

How we made it


Each product has its own colour ways, so we matched the props and backgrounds to them. All backgrounds were painted to custom brand colours and we built the sets in our studio. We mixed stop motion, live action and burst photography to create a dynamic and fun video. 



35s main brand asset, in three different sizes

5 x 15s cut downs, in three different sizes

2 GIFs

Selection of still images

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